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Self explanatory, click the image above to hop on it!

Self explanatory, click the image above to hop on it!

Made in America // Paul Components

More stuff, made HERE.

More and more, we are seeing the benefits of working with US companies that also manufacture here. We get the privilege of using well made, beautifully functioning parts for our bicycles that also aesthetically please.

The beauty comes from the craft. When we place an order, it is not uncommon that the person touching the phone has their hands in the fabrication process as well. Have a look here: Paul Components (additional links below) to see behind the doors. THIS is what builds a personal relationships, a part built for a purpose, by another human– and ultimately what drives our love for the sport & hobby of cycling. For us, cycling is about community!. Support your community, support people who support theirs!

Moving forward, expect to see a few less “bigger brand” bikes and more from our friends, the small guys. You’d better believe a small company still packs the tech, science, and knowledge but with an increased level of care for their craft…

Fairdale / White Industries / Paul Component manufacturing

The Weekender Nomad is here, all sizes available.

The Weekender Nomad is here, all sizes available.

adventure gravel & Cross

Here is a little info about a few of our adventure and gravel opted bicycles. This genre is a popular choice for those wanting to get a little bit of all the cycling action on one bike. Gravel is also a good choice for Midwesterners, as off-road terrain is nearly endless. As with any style bicycle you see, other options exist in the form of custom builds or retrofitting & updating your bike!

A more detailed write up to come, the link will be updated here. Below, browse the bicycles that we offer in the shop, or can have sized & ordered for you in no more than a weeks time!


Specialized fall gear has landed.

 TOASTY… the moment you put it on. This is the best description we have of the Therminal Alpha Jacket. This quickly became the staff favorite! Besides warm, this jacket is light, highly packable, hooded and water repellent. Just one of the best feeling garments around.