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Albrecht / BICI "Finest" Whiskey / Beer Taster Glass - 6.5oz

Albrecht / BICI "Finest" Whiskey / Beer Taster Glass - 6.5oz
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Sip your favorite bourbon or scotch in style or share a beer with a friend. The Teku Taster represents the perfect combination of aesthetic, elegance and functionality. The widest surface of the bowl appears at approximately 1.3 ounces allowing for maximum aroma release and flavor development, and the tapered chimney concentrates and delivers them directly to the palate and nose. This beautiful taster glass is perfect for serving spirits neat, craft beer tastings, and wine, cider and mead sampling.


• Limited run of 60, not be be re-produced
• Printed on Rastal glasses from Italy
• Excellent feel in the hand
• Gold lettering and rim
• Hand wash only
• 6.5oz