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SimWorks "With Me" Titanium Spacer - 1-1/8"

SimWorks "With Me" Titanium Spacer - 1-1/8"
$22.00 - $26.00
Steerer Diameter:
1-1/8 inch
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*Available locally only

We at Albrecht’s love the thoughtful items brought into existence by SimWorks. SimWorks is a collaborative effort of Japanese designers and the finest Japanese manufacturing. With high quality workmanship as the focus, SimWorks makes a bold statement against the trend of mass production in making all of their products by hand.

from SimWorks:

Titanium column spacer made by NITTO. 10 mm and 20 mm have SW logo and a laser engraved cupid heart mark. Setting aside of the question of how light this is, dull luster stimulates everyone’s heart. 

Material : Titanium
Steere Dia : 1-1/8?
Height : 3, 6, 10 & 20mm
Color : Bare Titanium