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We do bikes.

including servicing all bicycles, talk of bicycles, selling bicycles, riding bicycles. 


Rip the gravel roads of the Midwest or enjoy a sightful commute via bike path. We have options, (even a few options with the prefix "e-") to suit your needs. 

The products displayed in house at Albrecht Cycle have been chosen for the quality and value they provide. We believe in goods that are well designed, built with the best features for the price, and functional for decades to come.

New Bicycles

Welp, this explains itself... We carry Specialized, Fairdale, All-City, Salsa, Fit & Sunday bicycles in-store.  We also have access to far too many brands to list. Furthermore, we expertly build custom bikes & provide advice from years of cycling experience.

Used Bicycles & more*

Our hoarding of quality old parts and bikes has paid off! We have some real gems and some machines purposed for the perils of utility. It's also possible that we have that specific obscure piece you are looking for to finish your bicycle project. ;)

Professional Service

We take our quality and service professionalism seriously. For this reason, we learn / see PBMA®  /  educate and perform to highest levels in the industry. Your bicycle is in capable hands. 

 *For some time, it has been our goal to increasingly revitalize more well-made bicycles of the past to get full use of their great materials and intentional craftsmanship. Doing so allows us, in a small way, to save in material consumption and promote goods that are built for the purpose of living on rather than becoming landfill. This is good for us, you – saving money, and the Earth!

On the internet now, looking for a bicycle?

We understand research is important. A new bicycle is a major purchase, and done right, will provide years of enjoyment. The internet is a great place to start your search! After browsing here and there, stop by and let us show you why a bicycle shop is an import place to finish.