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Bicycle Service

Recommended Items:

  • •Tune Up

     •Check / Replace Tires & Tubes

    •Check / Replace brake pads

     •Lube / Check / Replace Chain

     •Carry spare chainlink + tools

     •Carry spare tube + inflator

Assembly & Storage


  • Unbox and re-assemble
  • Make any necessary adjustments*
  • Check chain / brakes / tires for wear
  • Safely store bike

Pack & Ship (outgoing)

$99 + Shipping Costs

  • Box & Packing Material
  • Albrecht's professionally packs and boxes your bike then provides you with the box dimensions and weight. This info can be utilized on, where you can easily arrange for the actual shipping of your bike to the destination of your choice.

Contact us to make arrangements today.

Recommended Products 

We recommend having a few products with you for the ideal RAGBRAI experience. In addition, pack plenty of sunscreen!