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SimWorks by Nitto Froggy Stealth Seatpost

SimWorks by Nitto Froggy Stealth Seatpost
  • Color: Stealth Grey
  • Offset: 0mm
  • Offset: 0mm
  • Offset: 0mm
  • Offset: 0mm
  • Offset: 0mm
  • Offset: 23mm
  • Offset: 23mm
  • Offset: 23mm
  • Offset: 23mm
Stealth Grey
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We are on board with the cool purple-y/blues'd look of the SimWorks Stealth parts. Nitto, the company behind production has been long admired and utilized. This seems to be a modern interpretation of the classic and reliable Japanese parts manufacturer.


from SimWorks:

The new SimWorks by Nitto seatpost was named "Froggy" because of its frog-like appearance when viewed from the side. It is a classic Nitto profile. Available here in our new Stealth finish- we are pleased to offer 2 saddle offsets and post lengths.

The role of the seatpost is to support the saddle in the proper position. Of the three points that the rider touches (handlebar, pedals and saddle), the saddle position is the most critical element for creating a solid and efficient propulsion force. Therefore, a steady fixing force is required for both off-road or heavier riders. The Froggy post is uncompromising in its clamp security and rider peace of mind.

The Froggy seatpost utilizes a two-bolt clamping system, which has the same structure as the NJS standard product- which Nitto has designed for bicycle races going back decades. This clamping style has the ability to grab the saddle rails very securely and stays in place on even the most intense rides. Additionally, minor adjustments to saddle angle can be easily performed.


Color: Stealth gray
Post length: 300mm & 350mm
Material: Forged aluminum alloy
Outer diameter: f27.2mm
Offset: 0mm & 23mm
Weight: 267g
*Carbon rails are not supported.